Advanced People Strategies Wednesday, September 27, 2023

As CRF program partners APS ran a masterclass ‘Evidenced-Based Coaching and AI – Driving Strategic Self-awareness, and Pace for Greater Impact.’  at CRF’s event ‘Coaching: Maximising Business Impact’ event, Church House, London UK on the 20th September 2023.  Attended by some of the leading HR Leaders and specialists with responsibility for coaching, management development, learning, talent, and career development. 

APS' Learning and Development Director, Rob Field, and Senior Learning and Development Consultant, Mike Davies, presented an interactive session sharing insights and a powerful case study. 


Organisations need results, and to achieve them ever more quickly. Coaching can be seen as slow and ‘conversational’, often seen by the recipient as valuable but not always providing tangible results for the organisation. Typically focused on senior leaders, how can coaching be democratised and line manager coaching ability developed? How can evidence and data provide enhanced self-awareness, inform on potential blind spots? Can AI help equip the coach with the objective information they need to inform interactions and improve focus? What tools can and should be used to help achieve tangible results and is AI a powerful tool or a risk? What role does practice play?


Key takeaways:

  • Effective coaching is a highly collaborative process, which is focused on the needs of the coachee and the organisation.

  • The impact that coaching can have is significantly enhanced when it is supported by evidence and insights from data sources and feedback as this helps to inform the focus areas and style of coaching which will be most beneficial.

  • Measuring ROI in coaching can be complex, but establishing ways to evaluate and demonstrate the benefit is essential.

  • Ai and L&D White Paper: what are the implications and what you should know.



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