Leadership Versatility Index

360 feedback, totally re-imagined for a rapidly changing world.

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a 360 Multi-rater assessment which uses a patented "Too Little/Too Much" rating scale to provide specific feedback about what a leader is doing right and what that leader could do more/less – to be even more effective at leading through a world of relentless change and disruption.

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Leaders are not just derailed by their weaknesses.

Sometimes, it’s their “strengths that become a weakness” through overuse. The Too Little / Too Much scale lets leaders know when they’ve crossed that line.


It also tells leaders what they’re doing right – and what they could emphasize more to have an even greater impact.

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A simple model of the complexities of leadership

Master the competing demands.

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) assesses the opposing but complementary behaviours required for effective leadership. The model resonates with leaders because they recognise the tensions and tradeoffs that make their job a balancing act.

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Become a more complete leader

Leaders are not simply born – they are made. They have to learn different leadership lessons in order to become a well-rounded leader.


Regardless of where they are now, the LVI is designed to help leaders build the broader perspective and wider repertoire it takes to lead with greater versatility.

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LVI Research Foundations

Two big challenges characterise leadership today.

One is the need to juggle a growing series of paradoxical demands (do more with less; cut costs but innovate; think globally, act locally).


The other is the unprecedented pace of “disruptive change,” which speeds up the interaction of these demands and simultaneously increases the pressure on organisations to adapt.

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Survey and Development Planning

Mult-rater Feedback from stakeholders

First, we get input from the leader and their full circle of stakeholders. Everyone receives a link to an easy-to-use, mobile-enabled survey which most people complete in 10-15 minutes.


After reviewing their LVI report, the leader creates a development plan. Based on a new understanding of their strengths, including strengths overused and the need to strengthen more, the plan specifies what they will do more – and less – to become a more versatile leader.

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