Hogan Judgement

More than IQ. Judgement is about making good decisions.

Leadership theories commonly focus on individual characteristics like charisma, influence, and work ethic, but the key drivers of leadership performance are the leader’s decisions. Understanding how leaders make decisions, and in particular, whether they are capable of displaying good judgement, is critical to understanding organisational effectiveness. The Hogan Judgement Assessment is a measure of thinking and decision-making style.

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Talent management applications

Commonly used for development.

  • Standalone evaluation of decision-making
  •  Component of an assessment centre
  • Informs interview questions
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • High-potential programs
  • Executive coaching
  • Complements Hogan Leadership Forecast Series or Insight Series
Sample Reports

Hogan Judgement

Some people have better judgement than others. But what sets them apart?

The Hogan Judgement Assessment is the first to combine cognitive ability, bright and dark side personality, and values. The Hogan Judgement assessment consists of two brief measures related to verbal and numerical reasoning, three independent scales that assess non-cognitive attributes that influence how an individual approaches decisions, and an assessment of post-decision reactions, including responses to negative feedback.

Sample Reports

The Hogan Judgement Report provides an in-depth description of participants’ information-processing style, decision-making approach, decision-making style, reactions to feedback, and openness to feedback and coaching.

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