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Talent Acquisition Specifically designed For Leadership Roles

The Leader Basis report is Hogan’s most robust selection solution, arming a recruiter or hiring manager with in-depth information about a candidate’s personality, and an easy structure to compare multiple candidates in a data-driven way. The Leader Basis is an out-of-the-box profile for managers and leaders in all organisations, industries, and geographies, built upon decades of research on global leader effectiveness.

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How our clients typically use the Leader Basis Report

The Leader Basis Report includes:

  • Key scales from HPI, HDS, and MVPI critical for leader performance
  • Candidate’s general employability characteristics
  • Job fit as a leader
  • Job risks as a leader
  • Fit within the organization
  • Candidate fit recommendation
  • Candidate interview style
  • Candidate interview guide
  • Overall evaluation and comparison tools
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To check if candidates applying for a leadership role naturally fit the personality profile recommended from Hogan’s validated research.

Competency-Based Interview

To obtain questions that target personality results. Often to supplement a competency-based interview.

Utilises the Hogan Assessments

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