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Development of emerging leaders

The Hogan High Potential Talent Report is designed to help emerging leaders prepare for and develop three essential components of top organisational leadership and helps leaders quickly and easily prioritise areas of development to maximise leadership potential.

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Report Bundle Options

The majority of our client prefer to provide their participants with full insights on how personality impacts their success.


The bundle option offers significant savings over individual assessment reports.

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Individual Reports



The Flash Report is designed for Hogan certified professionals to support feedback preparation. It summarises Hogan scale and subscales results for the HPI, HDS and MVPI with graphical bar charts.


Best for: Hogan Certified Professionals.

High Potential Talent


The High Potential Talent Report focuses on three areas – Leadership Foundations, Leadership Emergence and Leadership Effectiveness. It is designed for highlighting talented people who can both be developed and go on to produce positive business results as leaders.


Best for: Developing high potential individuals.

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How our clients typically use the High Potential Talent Report

The Hogan High Potential (HIPO) model simplifies the process of finding talented people who can be developed, and who then will go on to achieve positive business outcomes.

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Leadership Pipeline

To support an organisation’s leadership pipeline by identifying High Potential talent and benchmarking strengths.  

Collective Benchmark Strengths

Create collective benchmark strengths to determine the best ROI for future training initiatives.

Utilises the Hogan Assessments

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