Matrigma is a classic cognitive ability test built on a modern and secure web platform. Measuring general mental ability, therefore gives insight to a person’s ability to; problem solve, plan ahead and draw logical conclusions. Used to help predict; job performance, job satisfaction, voluntary turnover and training performance as well as counter-productive work behaviours.


Matrigma can be used as a stand-alone measure at the outset of a high-volume recruitment program, or in a complementary role for finalists at the end of the selection process. Matrigma’s non-verbal format makes for seamless integration across languages, and the problem-and-response items are randomised so that two candidates never take the exact same test.


Matrigma was published in 2010 by Assessio International, a Swedish test publishing house and consultancy organisation that has developed psychological tests since 1954. Matrigma is distributed by Hogan Assessment Systems, an internationally-known leader in personality assessment tools for selection, development and leadership.


  • Screening and Selection
  • Individual assessment, development, planning and coaching
  • Promotion and succession planning

Key Features & Benefits

  • A classic test of cognitive ability on a modern and secure online platform
  • Consists of 35 non verbal matrix items, available in over 20 languages
  • 40 minute time limit
  • Randomised test forms to prevent learning effects
  • Certified by DNV GL
  • Randomised items and response alternatives
  • Differentiate individuals ability to deal with increasingly complex tasks
  • Transcends cultural and educational barriers


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Sample Reports

Matrigma Measures

  • Fluid intelligence
  • Ability to quickly identify patterns and logical rules
  • Abstract logical reasoning
  • problem solving ability

Matrigma Predicts

  • Work performance
  • Learning ability
  • Dealing with new information and unfamiliar situations
  • Effectiveness at work

Matrigma Predicts

Matrigma Predicts