Why organisations have an executive coaching programme?

Because Leaders need to:

  • develop innovative strategies to evolve their business
  • progressively transform and align people with ever changing market demands
  • adapt themselves quickly to changing role expectations and within 100 days!
  • demonstrate confidence and resolve in times of pressure and stress and lead from the front
  • be able to quickly build relationships with global stakeholders across cultural borders
  • increase productivity, efficiency and evolve innovative service
  • believe and assume the lead
  • effectively engage others
  • avoid derailment!

At APS we believe in helping organisations to be their best. Organisations focused on succession planning, leadership development and change often use coaching to ensure results. Whether it is transitioning between roles, focusing on key relationships, or behaviour change, coaching can help. Senior leaders are role models in any business so having them performing at their best has a commercial impact.


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Our approach to executive coaching



We aim to raise self-awareness at the start of coaching interventions to drive discovery. For coachees, they get a rich, comprehensive feedback experience using a high quality, reliable data set helps to stimulate thinking and initiate exploration. The science helps get a clear focus – quickly!




We provide expert guidance to ensure we minimise detractors and create the conditions for success.

APS coaching flow

  • An initial ‘chemistry’ session to discuss and agree ways of working and build trust
  • Onwards: Coaching, action planning, revisit and review


We work with the sponsor(s) and coachee up front to ensure commitment and support as well as identify how success will be recognised and measured.

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