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The Hogan Feedback Practicum Web Course is recommended for individuals who wish to increase their proficiency in coaching or delivering feedback to candidates using Hogan personality data (HPI, HDS, MVPI) after attending the two-day certification workshop level 1. This web course certification encompasses a mixture of learning methods, including formalised learning, web-based instruction, and preparing for and delivering a practice feedback session in a simulated environment using a master case study monitored by a Hogan coach. Certification acknowledges that the professional can move beyond scale interpretations to a richer and more meaningful process of providing development insights in interpreting strengths and weaknesses.

Level: Web Course- eLearning


Prior accreditation required: Hogan Certification Level 1

The centerpiece of this certification training entails participating in a simulation of the development feedback process. After completing the instructional web course component, the participant:

1. Reviews the Leadership Forecast Series of four reports – Potential, Challenge, Values, and Coaching – for a fictitious coaching candidate named Chris Moloney who is a high potential management candidate;

2. Completes the Feedback Discussion Form identifying the candidate's strengths and development opportunities in the context of the upcoming work role and organization's culture;

3. Schedules a 1.5 hour teleconference with an assigned Hogan coach who will role-play as the coaching candidate. During the simulation, the Hogan coach grades the participant using an assessor rating form to identify strengths and areas of improvement for delivering feedback.

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