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Hogan Team Development Workshop & Report

Team Development

Advanced People Strategies work with a range of senior teams from various global organisations to identify core areas that drive engagement and support strategy. An understanding of core strengths and "blind-spots" enable teams to leverage strengths, manage derailment risks and increase collaboration and effectiveness. As UK distributors of Hogan Assessments, we offer either an "off-shelf" Hogan Team Report and workshop.

Advanced People Strategies also offer custom team analysis and workshop according to client requirements.

Hogan Team Report 
The Hogan Team Report is designed to assess a team's effectiveness based on collective personality. Organisations often use this report to support new teams at "kick-off" and existing teams looking to leverage their people ability.

Hogan Team Workshop
Drawing on the Hogan Team Report, our team development workshop helps teams to explore personality implications on team roles, team derailment risks and team culture.