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Personality Workshops with Advanced People Strategies

Personality Workshops

Advanced People Strategies offer a variety of personality workshops, that are tailored to fit your business and requirements. Depending on the desired outcome, we have a selection of Personality Assessment tools to enable the workshops.


MBTI - (Myers Brigg Type Indicator)

The Myers Brigg Type Indicator was long seen as the standard in Personality Assessments and is still to date one of the most popular assessment systems in the world. At APS, we're able to provide training, workshops and MBTI assessments. Find out more.

Climate Survey

A climate survey is designed to take stock of where your employees are and their perception of the working environment. Climate Surveys can be very powerful tools; if used and applied to organisations correctly. Find out more.

Custom 360

A custom 360, is a multi-rater feedback which is mapped to your organisation. Either using existing organisational competencies or have one our expert consultants map them for you for the best results. Find out more.

Bespoke Talent Services

At Advanced People Strategies we're happy to support your organisation and team as you decide what it is that you need. We have over 15 years experience in delivering the best personality coaching to leaders and organisations all over the world. Find out more.