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Executive Coaching with Advanced People Strategies

Executive Coaching

Advanced People Strategies have worked closely with senior leaders from various industries for many years. In this time we have established a powerful coaching framework.

What will I learn?

All our coaches are Hogan qualified and highly experienced. Our coaching interventions usually start with gathering an understanding of personal goals from the coachee and alignment with expectations and goals of the sponsoring organisation. Following this, participants can expect deep psychometric feedback to create self-awareness and refine actions to work on during the coaching progress. Other tools and techniques may be called upon according to the needs of the coachee e.g. 360, situational observation.

Research indicates that effective Leaders are strategic about their career success. They review and align their self-perception with their actual reputation at work and learn new skills needed for their role. So when transitioning from one role to another or enhancing current performance, our executive coaches help leaders achieve their most important goals:

  • Leadership Goals — Our executive coaches work with leaders to develop a series of specific leadership goals including outcomes and measures that are identified as indicators of progress.
  • Performance Evaluation — Using a variety of Hogan tools, confidential interviews, observations, and performance evaluations, our coaches assist leaders understand their current performance and reputation, evaluate the gap between current performance and future goals.
  • Feedback and development planning — After reviewing performance information, our coaches identify key behaviors to develop or change that will lead to effective performance and deliver the Leadership goals. 
  • Action — Our Coaches and Leaders connect at regular intervals to monitor progress, ensuring that the agreed plan of action is effective.

What does a Coaching programme include?

All of our programmes are tailored and developed to support the aims of the sponsoring organisation. Our coaching interventions vary in duration and frequency of meetings, according to the needs of the coachee. These may be face to face meetings, phone calls or WebEx.

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