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About Us

With over 15 years experience helping organisations implement people development strategies, we have become established as a trusted partner with our clients. Drawing on world class psychometric assessments and partnering with highly respected academic leaders, we create and implement solutions built on scientific principles. 

Based in the midlands we work with clients both across the UK and internationally. Our consultants are highly qualified, experienced and have a business background. 

Our Values

We specialise in providing world-class Assessments, Coaching and Development events that support talent selection, leadership development, team development and organisational talent analysis.

Agile - We strive to respond quickly and appropriately to changing conditions, emerging Insights and technologies.
Trusted - Our aim is to build and maintain long-standing client relationships.
Innovative - We seek to create leading-edge products, services and solutions for our clients.
Leadership - We look to bring new insights, trends and research findings to the attention of our clients.
Scientific - Our work is grounded in sound research, best practice and application to real life.


APS aim to provide high quality client experiences using the latest technologies and tools. Expertise should be a basic expectation in this world and we believe trust, service and value make the difference when you are selecting a partner to work with. We listen carefully to our clients in order to identify solutions that we genuinely believe will deliver best results.

Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessment Systems are world renowned for their accuracy and flexibility of use. Hogan assess personality, predicting workplace performance by helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential. As a UK distributor for Hogan assessment systems, with years of experience in implementing the tools across global businesses, we can provide the expertise needed to support your business.

Our Clients

With many well known UK and global clients, APS are experience working in various organisational sectors from Oil & Gas to Financial Services, Media, Retail and Sport. Such experience helps to share best practice in the organisational development space and we often bring professionals together to share thinking and mutual learning. 


"An extremely engaging workshop, with demonstrable benefit both within the workshop itself, and how the content can be applied to benefit organisations."


"A workshop that offers a deep insight into the Hogan tool and opens up for a profound understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and our coping mechanisms in a way that raises both professional and human awareness."

Linda, Colliander & Partners

"The combination of theory and workshops, a powerful program delivered by engaged training gurus resulted in the fact that many participants evaluated Chris’ training the best course they ever went through in their career."

Peter, Regional HR Director

"APS provide Xerox with consultative and training services, in particular, they facilitate our Development Centres in both Europe and Developing Markets to develop and strengthen our talent pipeline from junior management to business leaders."

Lisa, Director of Learning and Development for Xerox Corporation

"A very full and energetic two days engaging with detailed and thought-provoking material, an inspiring group and a hugely skilled facilitator- well worth the time, effort and investment and immensely useful and exciting to take forward."

Linda, Brightlife Consultancy